Sarabande Books Tweets About the "Can You Help Me Get Published" Series

The “Can You Help Me Get Published?” Series has over 6,000 7000 views and counting on the Xtranormal website.  More than 800 people have shared the series on Facebook.  And the YouTube videos are starting to take off too.  Here are links to other blogs, tweets, websites, etc. that have helped make this series go viral (it’s even being discussed in Iceland!):

DUDE! RT @Vasugi “I don’t read other writers… Can you help me get published?” This is AMAZING. 🙂    —

How can I not share these. They are so wonderful. Major applause to whomever made and wrote them. Plus I wanted to have them all in one place.”    —   

“When I saw these two videos, “Can You Help Me Get Published? (parts 1 and 2) on the Xtranormal website, I laughed because they rang true.”    —

It’s funny because, scarily, it’s true. I see these people everywhere. Thanks Rhonda for posting this on FB!    —    (yeah, thanks Rhonda!)

Listed in “Today’s Book News” from the Quill & Quire: Canada’s Magazine of Book News and Reviews    —

“These Xtranormal videos have not gotten old yet: Can You Help Me Get Published?” (Bitter Asides, Links of Interest)    —

All 4 videos listed under “News and Commentary” with the note:  “Thanks to Tom Hunley for alerting me to this” in The Kentucky Literary Newsletter    —  – The Kentucky Literary Newsletter

Under the Title: “Quotable” from pesbo Poetry Journal:  “And Can you help me get published? a funny little animation from xtranormal about a student interacting with a writer-in-residence. [via Facebook]”    —

Erin Keane comments on the We Who Are About to Die website: “I can’t believe I watched all four of these videos and they never revealed the secret to getting published in the Reader’s Digest.”    —-

Multiverse Poet blogs, “This is for all who wonder about becoming a published poet or have been asked to help someone become a published poet.”    —

Listed under “Citizen Journalism” on the Get Published Central website    —-

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