2011, Presence

You may have noticed…things look a little different around here.  I blame it all on the new year and those frakkin resolutions.

You see, every year for about the last decade, my partner and I (and sometimes his sisters or close friends) name the new year.  Most people think of a new year as a time to look back, and we do that too.  But this little tradition that I inherited when I met him (he’s been doing it for many, many years) asks us to look ahead.  It’s different for everyone.  But for me, I like to name my new years based on where I think my life is headed and what I want to accomplish or achieve over the course of the next twelve months.

Last year, for example, I named 2010 “The Dreaming.”  I chose that name because there were a lot of changes on the horizon, changes that I hoped would lead me further down the path to living out my dreams.  It turned out to be a pretty good name.  I started writing full-time, we bought our dream house, and my relationships have become stronger than they have been for some time.

But a good year like that is usually followed by a harder one.  Not necessarily a bad one, but harder nonetheless.  The Dreaming had come after many hard years of work and uncertainty, always reaching for something my hands could never seem to grasp.  That’s just the way of things, I suppose.  Nothing good comes without work…much as I’d like it to.

So, having a respite from the struggle that finally led to The Dreaming, I knew that this year, 2011, would mean more work.  It’s not like life ever lets us just sit back and rest on our laurels.  Oh no.  For every small step forward, we have to work to keep moving in that direction.  For me, this means doing what I can to make this writing gig pan out.  And, if you look through those resolutions I so stupidly put into print (which means I have to actually follow through with at least some of them….I knew there was a reason I don’t usually make resolutions!), you’ll see that most of them have to do with writing.

I need to write more.  I need to publish more.  I need, in essence, to create a presence in this world of myself as a writer.  And presence is what 2011 is all about.  This newly designed blog and the brand new website, www.gabrielscala.com, are part of that promise I made to myself.  Of course, presence in 2011 is much more than that.  It’s meditation and inner quietude (things I struggle with daily); it’s making good first impressions and being present in the lives of people who are important to me; it’s even being more aware of my physical presence – my personal style, the statement my presence makes to others.  You may notice this newly designed blog and the new website have cleaner lines, the formatting is (hopefully) simpler, easier to navigate and easy on the eyes.  I chose muted earth tones for those reasons and also as an outward representation of what I’m trying to achieve inside: silence, calm, balance.

Who knew website design could be so zen?!

I hope you like the new design and that you’ll take a minute to check out the new website.  And thank you, all of you, for reading and being such an amazing and surprising support group while I take this journey.  I hope to be able to return the favor someday.

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