Poetry Weekly

The week’s best online poetry with excerpts, links and (occasional) commentary by yours truly. This week features poetry by Matthew Dickman, Clare Rossini, Chelsea Rathburn and Olena Katytiak Davis.


  • “Sad Little Outlaw” by Matthew Dickman:

Tied to the tree, as I was, while my brother galloped
through the backyard, straddling a broom,
a plastic six-shooter in his hand.
I was always being left behind
in the mud, a bandage around my eyes,
until he reached out
just enough so that our fingers slipped apart….read more at Narrative


  • “The Nitro” by Clare Rossini:

I wanted sky. That was my ambition. And now I’m being tugged
Up a small steel mountain,

A burly chain beneath the car hauling my weight
And a trail of my fellow aspirants. Poised at the top, we waver….read more at Poetry Daily


  • “How It Happened” by Chelsea Rathburn

I blame that little village in Spain,
the one with the whitewashed houses
in a crescent along the sea,
a fleet of pastel fishing boats,
and that celebrated coffee with brandy.

A sour wedge of apple lurked
at the bottom like a tea-leaf fortune….Read more at Verse Daily


  • “Least Said” by Olena Katytiak Davis

Maybe we you us
But not everyone except
Everyone else seemingly set
One could romanticize the shipbells
Out of somebody else’s grocery, sex shopping, life cleaning, bills….Read more at Poets.org

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