Poetry Weekly

The week’s best online poetry with excerpts, links and (occasional) commentary by yours truly. This week features poetry by Kaylin Haught, Mark Bibbins, Tracy K. Smith and Catherine Pierce.


  • “God Says Yes To Me” by Kaylin Haught:

I asked God if it was okay to be melodramatic
and she said yes
I asked her if it was okay to be short
and she said it sure is
I asked her if I could wear nail polish
or not wear nail polish
and she said honey ….read more at The Writer’s Almanac


  • “We, The Reader” by Mark Bibbins:

Murder is also singular, no flight inside. So much
rust on rust, the rest of the city secular and slow

as violets arrive—an accident, an argument in birdsong
suddenly ripe. Thrown shadows tell entire buildings:.….read more at Narrative Magazine


  • “Sci-Fi” by Tracy K. Smith

There will be no edges, but curves.
Clean lines pointing only forward.

History, with its hard spine & dog-eared
Corners, will be replaced with nuance,

Just like the dinosaurs gave way
To mounds and mounds of ice….Read more at Poets.org


  • “Love Poem to Sinister Moments” by Catherine Pierce

You are the dead swan
floating in the Susquehanna.

The red moon before a storm.
You are the series of scars

on a daughter’s arm. The tidy
pool of blood on the 7-Eleven counter

and the small white-haired woman
who wipes it away….Read more at Poem of the Week

**Catherine Pierce is a friend who also won the Wick Poetry Prize in 2004 for her collection, Animals of Habit. I’m thrilled to see her work appearing in these venues – she’s a poet you’ll want to keep your eye on. You can check out her website HERE.


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