Poetry Weekly

The week’s best online poetry with excerpts, links and (occasional) commentary by yours truly. This week features poetry by Dorianne Laux, Nick Flynn, Kim Jensen and Kevin Prufer.


  • “Staff Sgt. Metz” by Dorianne Laux:

Metz is alive for now, standing in line
at the airport Starbucks in his camo gear
and buzz cut, his beautiful new
camel-colored suede boots. His hands
are thick-veined. The good blood
still flows through, given an extra surge
when he slurps his latte, a fleck of foam
caught on his bottom lip….read more at The Writer’s Almanac


  • “Forgetting Something” by Nick Flynn:

Try this—close / your eyes. No, wait, when—if—we see each other / again the first thing we should do is close our eyes—no, / first we should tie our hands to something / solid—bedpost, doorknob—otherwise they (wild birds) / might startle us / awake.
….read more at The Academy of American Poets


  • “And Even George W. is Out of a Job” by Kim Jensen

You know the economy’s bad
when people are lined up around the block
to apply for the job
of the wicked witch.

They’ve been lined up all night
waiting for their chance to prove
it’s nothing at all

to climb a broom
and cackle like a wall-street speculator
just before the crash….Read more at Split This Rock


  • “In a Beautiful Country” by Kevin Prufer

A good way to fall in love
is to turn off the headlights
and drive very fast down dark roads.

Another way to fall in love
is to say they are only mints
and swallow them with a strong drink.

Then it is autumn in the body.
Your hands are cold.
Then it is winter and we are still at war….Read more at Poets.org


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