Poetry Weekly

The week’s best online poetry with excerpts, links and (occasional) commentary by yours truly. This week features poetry by David Young, Anne Sexton, Yusef Komunyakaa and Michael Chitwood.


  • “Mother’s Day” by David Young:

I see her doing something simple, paying bills,
or leafing through a magazine or book,
and wish that I could say, and she could hear….read more at The Academy of American Poets


  • “Riding the Elevator Into the Sky” by Anne Sexton:

As the fireman said:
Don’t book a room over the fifth floor
in any hotel in New York.
They have ladders that will reach further
but no one will climb them….read more at The Writer’s Almanac


  • “Blue Dementia” by Yusef Komunyakaa

In the days when a man
would hold a swarm of words
inside his belly, nestled
against his spleen, singing.

In the days of night riders
when life tongued a reed
till blues & sorrow song
called out of the deep night:
Another man done gone.
Another man done gone….Read more at Poets.org


  • “Blue Sky” by Michael Chitwood

Everyone he knew believed in God.
They believed in cake batter.
They believed in spirit levels.

Even when the Ford Torino
went down the bank to the creek
and three people got where they hadn’t intended to go,
one a little girl,
yea, even then….Read more at Poem of the Week


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