EIJ 2015

As the new advisor to the student chapter of the Society of Professional Journalists (SPJ) at Ashford, I had a wonderful opportunity to attend the Excellence in Journalism conference in Orlando, Florida this week.  During the SPJ advisors’ meeting, I was so impressed by the dedication and commitment demonstrated by faculty across the nation to their students and to the missions of their campus chapters.  Working with these young journalists and guiding them through the opportunities and responsibilities in their field is such an important task and one I am eager to embrace.  So eager, in fact, that I’ve already made plans to bring our campus chapter leaders to Minneapolis in February to attend the Scripps Leadership Conference!EIJ 2015

The rest of the conference was pretty great too.  I learned how to falsify a Twitter account, how to record and broadcast live from my phone, and how Lesley Stahl once found herself embroiled in a top-secret conspiracy.  But perhaps the most exciting part of the event was when I asked a sports reporter from ESPN who he thought was going to win the Ole Miss/Bama game and he predicted the Rebels (he turned out to be absolutely correct, by the way)!

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