Poetry Weekly

The week’s best online poetry with excerpts, links and (occasional) commentary by yours truly.

There were a lot of really great poems featured on the interwebs this week, but this one, in particular, struck a deep chord in me.  Perhaps it is because a new friend recently announced her cancer diagnosis on Facebook – a reality I am only just beginning to realize she was dealing with the very night I met her.  Perhaps it is because I, like so many others I know, have lost people I loved fiercely to this disease.  For these reasons and others, this week’s featured poem is one by Susan Herron Sibbet. You can listen to the Writer’s Almanac and this poem here.


The Radiation Waiting Room

They bring us to this pastel room,
point to the lockers,
point to the dressing rooms.
It could almost be a gym,
only there’s a wheelchair, there’s Health News,
there’s a complicated flower jigsaw puzzle,
there are romance novels to borrow
in case you will be returning often.
We change into gowns that tie in the back;
some of us get to keep on our shirts,
some our pants;
we all wear shoes.
Those of us who have come so often
wait comfortably,
take care of the new ones,
offer answers, directions, suggestions.
Only we are careful not to say
how long we’ve been coming
or what we have or
what they’ve done
or are about to do.

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