P&W Prompt: The Poetry of Science

I had to laugh out loud when I read this week’s prompt from Poets & Writers magazine:

Poetry and science combined to join forces at this year’s March for Science in Washington, D.C. Jane Hirshfield organized writing workshops and readings, and science poems by writers like Tracy K. Smith and Gary Snyder were displayed on banners. Many poets are using social media to respond quickly and powerfully to events occurring in the tumult of the political climate. Browse through newspapers or online for fresh science news—such as scientists attempting to capture the first image of a black hole—and write an urgent poem in response. What sort of emotional or philosophical significance can you draw between this scientific news and your feelings about current affairs?

How did they know I had just written a poem titled “Black Hole“???  Well, damn.  Now this means I have to come up with something else…. maybe…  Turns out, I have an older poem I haven’t really done much with (or, really, anything) since writing the first draft in 2013.  I’m just gonna leave it here for safe keeping 😉


We Are Made Out of Stars

I am falling

in on myself, a stellar remnant,

a heart held together

in shimmering gravity:


love’s heavy burden unpacks

itself, dropping light here

and there, spreading out

across the night sky.


We circle each other,

you and I, and from a distance

you are a fixed point,

my eyes locked on your light.




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