I Am Woman

It’s International Women’s Day! Here at AngelSpeak I’m celebrating poets with a sampling of the women whose work I love and who have inspired and taught me so much.

Some writers I’ve learned from:

  • Jorie Graham’s poetry taught me to not shy away from my intelligence in my writing – it’s okay to be a smart woman.
  • Sharon Olds‘ poetry taught me to write with fearlessness and stark honesty about everything and anything.
  • Larissa Szporluk taught me to pay attention to something other than subject matter: the power of the sound of words.
  • Annie Finch taught me pay attention to something other than sound: the impact of rhythm on the body.

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P&W Prompt 3: Choosing Childlessness

This week’s Poets & Writers prompt:

What is something you are afraid to write about in your own poems, either because it is too personal, or because you feel it is cliché?  Create a character–a swarthy bum, a baker, a dog–and write a narrative poem in which your character addresses this topic. Let the fact that the poem isn’t really about you be freeing.

Now – this is a pretty tricky prompt.  Because, just because you’re writing in character, if you’re writing about a topic that you feel is too personal…you’re still writing about a topic that you feel is too personal.  Nonetheless, I attempted it.   Continue reading