Place Yer Bets!

The Tournament of Books begins next Monday, and AngelSpeak isn’t the only place to throw your hat in the ring. Over at Hungry Like the Woolf, you can enter for a chance to win actual prizes! Here, well, you just win eternal fame and glory (and the repeated mention and trackback to your blog or website). And when I say eternal, what I mean is for the entire month of April. Who could ask for anything more?

Place your bets in the comments section of Cock Fight! by Monday, March 7th. And may the best book win!

National Book Critics Circle Picks

In case you need yet another list of books to read before March (see the other list HERE, 4 books actually make both lists), the NBCC announced the shortlist for this year’s awards on January 22. Taken from the always awesome Poets & Writers magazine, here’s what the critics were saying about these finalists before they were, well, finalists:

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I’ve Always Wanted a Rooster

It’s funny.  But if you have the time to actually read all the stuff you ask to be sent to your inbox, you’ll discover there’s a whole world of literary activity taking place out there.  I have, for years now, been getting the Times in my inbox.  Unless the headline was really something spectacular, the vast majority of those emails went directly into the trash, unread.  Lately, I’ve been reading it instead.  And, surprise of all surprises, there’s interesting stuff going on in the world.  Imagine that.  Since I have a little more time than usual these days, I’ve also been reading The Millions pretty religiously.  And I’ve discovered that I’m a new convert to a very old, very established movement.  Okay.  So I’m late to the party.  What of it?  Just in case some of you are also late the party (or missed the party altogether), I like to include some of the more interesting information gleaned from my reading here.  Today’s tidbit involves a rooster.

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