P&W Prompt: Poem in Pink

Moving right along, here’s the prompt from March 14:

A salt lake in Melbourne, Australia recently turned pink due to the growth of algae “in response to very high salt levels, high temperatures, sunlight, and lack of rainfall.” The phenomenon transformed the lake from its natural blue tone to an unusually bright flamingo color. Write a poem that begins by evoking the sensations of one color, and then—gradually or abruptly—turns a strikingly different color, perhaps even pink. How will you manipulate the mood, images, sounds, and rhythms of your language to reflect the color change?  [Click here to jump to the final draft]

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P&W Prompt: Golden Shovel

Shhhhh….don’t say it too loudly, but I think I’ve actually just caught up with Poets & Writers Magazine’s weekly prompt series, The Time is Now.  Let’s hurry up and get to it before they send me an email with yet another prompt.

Ahem.  CLEARLY I wrote that several weeks ago (when I thought I was going to actually catch up) and then promptly traipsed off in the direction of spring break and forgot all about it.  Nonetheless, poetry marches on.  Here’s the prompt from March 7th:

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P&W Prompt: Portrait Poem

I bet you thought I’d disappeared, eh?  Nah.  I just went on the-world’s-most-sucktastic-spring-break (hint: it snowed and I was laid up with a sinus infection) and got busy grading midterm papers (there’s only like a hundred of them….).  But have no fear!  I’m back on the mission of trying to get caught up with Poets & Writers Magazine’s weekly poetry prompts.  Here’s the ekphrastic exercise from the last prompt in February:

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P&W Prompt: 10 Things I Hate About You

Well.  This looks like it could be fun.  Here, from Poets & Writers Magazine, is the next in the series of prompts known as The Time is Now:

Writing an unsentimental love poem can be one of the more difficult endeavors a poet can take on, whether the subject of that poem is a lover, a family member, or friend. Taking inspiration from the popular film 10 Things I Hate About You, a modern retelling of Shakespeare’s The Taming of the Shrew, write an ode to the aspects of a loved one that downright irk you. How might you use a form of repetition in your poem—like an anaphora or refrain—to build tension and showcase either the unlikable or admirable aspects of this person?   Continue reading

P&W Prompt: The Bop

Whew.  This has been a RUN!  But I am at the finish line, I can see the moment that will have me officially caught up and in synch with the weekly poetry prompts published by Poets & Writers Magazine in their installment titled, “The Time is Now.”  Maybe then I’ll be able to post something other than a writing exercise every now and then 😉  Until then, let’s get down to business.  Here’s the prompt from February 7: Continue reading

P&W Prompt: Let Us Fish for a Poem

I’m officially on the last prompt for January (and only halfway through February, ha!) in Poets & Writers’ weekly writing exercises: The Time is Now.  I’m moving through these puppies fairly quickly in an effort to get caught up.  This often means spending precious little time on revisions or even process but, hey…they’re exercises.  No one’s trying to win the Nobel with them (dammit, Dylan!).  Here’s the prompt for January 31: Continue reading